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Luxury Canadian House Completely Renovated, Furnished and Staged with Basement, Deck, Back



Happy Green Construction understands that your whole home is a place to retreat too and sometimes there are areas that need a refresh. When you think of your home, what spaces could use a remodel that don't initially seem intuitive? Mudroom? Laundry room? Master closet? Office or study? 

Home Construction
Panorama Large unfinished basement with woodframes and wall insulation. Basement interior

Whether it's a bedroom refresh, a living area makeover, or closet that needs a luxury touch, call us for any of your remodeling needs and we'll be sure to make your home the talk of the neighborhood.  

Choose Happy Green Construction for a remodel that will truly take your home and your spaces to the next level of living. 

At Happy Green Construction in Champaign we can help you remodel all those areas "around the house" that may be on your shortlist. We can help you make any space into a place you truly love and enjoy being in, even if it's a typically a place for household chores! Let our experienced team help you remodel any area of your home that may need an overhaul. 

Luxury interior of renovated house in suburbs, Montreal, Canada.jpg
Image by Steven Ungermann

Bathroom & walk-in closet remodel

Image by Backbone Visuals

Master bedroom remodel

Image by Douglas Sheppard

Laundry/Mud Room Remodel 

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